Monday, December 17, 2012

14 days

Yall, in 14 days I will be on a plane to Haiti. 14 days of sleeping, packing, friends, family, Christmas, stressin, crying, laughing, and anticipation. The past month or so, I have been thinking through everything that has led me to this place in my life. The people, places and events that have led me here. So, yes, most of my previous posts have been reminiscent and reflective. This one is no different. Last week I finished finals, packed up my room in the Boro, and headed home, exhausted. Expecting a nap or at least time to breathe, I was quickly greeted by my even more exhausted mom. She and the rest of the fam had been really sick all week, my aunt was in town from Arizona, and Betty was around a lot. So, I dropped my expectations, took Betsy & Betty out to eat & had a great time. This past weekend was a lot of (what felt like) my family resting and me being responsible. Now, before you think I'm sitting here complaining, let me tell you, I did have a lot of fun with them, cracking up with Aunt Betsy when Betty lost her room key, thought I was Emily, and asked me & our waiter 13 times in 3 minutes if her waffle came with syrup. But I was so tired, and all I could think about was, "How does my mom do this every week? How does she get off work and deal with a mother-in-law with dementia all the time?"  No, Betty doesn't live with us, but every day is certainly a new adventure as we interact with her. Countless women in our church have stepped up to help us care for her, & I know she couldn't do it without Emily too, but the day in & day out of phone calls, reassurance, encouraging words, and knowing when to put your foot down- that's Mama C. When she's super b.a., I call her C Money. And she still finds time to be a mom. She listens to me ramble on about my life & calms me down when I've lost it. If you knew me when I was little, first of all, I apologize, and secondly, I know you know what hell my mom went through. My aunt says, "I knew if they could survive raising you, you were going to grow up to be strong and confident. But first you all had to survive your childhood." And what a great one it was. So Mama, here's to you. For her 50th birthday a few years ago, we gave her a scrapbook. I wrote this for her. I hope your moms are as great as mine is:

You taught me how to water ski & how to tie my shoes, 
You laughed at every corny joke, & kissed my every bruise.
You read me every story, & tucked me into bed so tight,
And then you rubbed my back until I fell asleep at night.
You carefully sewed back every torn & tattered dress-
Because you knew that I had fun, you would allow no less.
You became the best launderer around-
Let’s be honest, that Alabama mud knew no bound.
I watched you as you cooked & cleaned-always such great hostess,
And I always knew you loved Daddy the mostest-
Because you took care of him through every migraine-
Even when he wouldn’t admit the pain.
You helped me learn my Bible verses, so I could go to camp
And you listened to every story as you washed my clothes so damp. 
And then when I was thirteen, and there were no tears left to flow,
You held onto me tight, and I knew you’d never let me go.
And through all that heartache, I watched you trust the One,
The One our lives revolve around- God’s one and only Son.
When Emily got sick, I watched you trust Him more-
You didn’t know the future, but your praying knees sure hit the floor.
Every day I left for school, you reminded me
To just Whom I belonged, and of His plan I couldn’t see.
I heard your voice at every race
Reminding me to keep my pace.
Showing up to watch me play basketball in your scrubs,
You always looked so cute in them, btdubs.
Every ballet recital, musical, homecoming & prom
You helped me bring out my girly side- for that, you are the bomb.
Amid every fear and uncertainty,
You bravely went to Haiti with me.
The love of Christ you never cease to show
No matter where you go.
Your beauty is inside & out
Because of you, I have no doubt
That with a hug & lots of prayer
Wherever He leads me, I’ll make it there.
Now that I’m in college, I call you as a friend
But you will always be my Mama, til the very end.


"her children arise and call her blessed" Proverbs 31:28

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