Wednesday, January 2, 2013

getting there.

So far, we've made it to Miami. For those of you who don't know, this has been the most eventful, unexpected circumstances- filled trip to Haiti thus far. You name it, it happened. But, I know that God wants this exact team in the village of La Source to minister this week. Everyone is so excited, and even with extreme sleep-deprivation, I can say that I am fully confident in this trip and in what the Lord will do through it. He knows why certain things have happened, and has definitely used this experience to grow our faith. This team firmly believes that we have been called to go. And so, we are going. Well, we are in the process of going. Our flight leaves at 7am tomorrow for Port-au-Prince. From there we will take a boat ride to the island and set up our camp for the rest of the week. This will be the longest day for us, but it will also be an awesome adventure. Reflecting on the past few days, I can say with certainty: people will disappoint you. There will be circumstances beyond your control. Your expectations may come crashing down right in front of you, or at least significantly altered. Either way, I have come to realize how much I depend on man to make things happen. If I depend on man for my circumstances, I will be disappointed, and I will feel out of control. But to be honest, it's not us that are large and in charge anyway. I cannot trust in myself or another human for things to go the way I plan any more than I can trust in myself for the salvation that comes from Christ. It just doesn't work. And so, I hold tightly to this quote from an awesome book I'm reading right now, Broken Down House by Paul Tripp. He says,
"real rest is not found in understanding, real rest is found in trust."
And so, I trust the One who sets all things in motion. Today has been great- although unexpected, our team got to spend the day bonding over airport adventures, group naps, prayer and UNO games. We got to know each other better, (or for the first time) which helps to prepare us for ministry together. I am so thankful for this sweet time, even before we reach Haiti. So us, we're getting there. We're still headed to La Source, and couldn't be more excited. We're still getting to know each other and preparing our hearts for this ministry. But the "getting there" is sometimes just as fruitful as the "being there." And me, I'm getting there too. Getting to a place where I can say and fully believe, God's got this, I don't. And it's a good thing I'm not in charge, because we'd probably have given up by now and settled for some fish tacos on the US soil. Sometimes getting there is the hardest battle, but often it's where God works the most.


  1. Loved reading this!!! thank you Lauren!

  2. I got fish tacos covered for you girl, you keep going.